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The best BIKE products of 2018!

The Design & Innovation Award (DI.A) is more than an award. It provides orientation and separates the wheat from the chaff. It is the only award with real product tests, holistic assessment and critically well-founded statements. This year, too, the award team of international journalists, professional test drivers and industry experts invested over 6,000 working hours.

The Design & Innovation Award is a seal of approval and a benchmark for the best products in the bike world. In addition, the Design & Innovation Award creates orientation in an increasingly differentiated market with a flood of new products and supposedly new trends, and at the same time serves as a catalyst for future innovations.

Here is the expert jury's assessment of the TATZE TWO-FACE pedal:

"Up to now, combination pedals that can be used with both clipless and flat pedal shoes were usually a compromise that was not very practical. The new TWO-FACE pedals from the TATZE brand are completely different Offer an option for everyone who does not want to forego the pedaling efficiency of clipless pedals or the freedom of platform pedals. The large and concave platform with 14 sharp pins offers plenty of support even with clipless shoes. The click side is slightly angled in relation to the flat side to further increase the ground clearance of the already flat pedals. At only 397 g, the pedals are also pleasantly light. So that the desired side is always up, the pedal remains in its current position when unloaded. "


159 € (steel axle) 219 € (Ti axis) 
Weight: 445 g (steel axle) 397 g (Ti axis)


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