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Ti-Hand finger trainer

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Improve your bike control with more grip strength 

The Ti-Hand finger trainer gives you the extra kick to improve your mountain bike performance. Whether you are an experienced downhiller or an avid trail biker, the finger trainer will increase your grip strength and, as a forearm trainer, make your forearm more durable. 

Ti-Hand challenges each finger playfully, individually and flexibly to gain strength and enduranceuer targeted improvement. The Ti-Hand can be equipped with different springs or spring strengths. A weaker spring is installed for the little finger and so all fingers are trained equally. 

The Ti-Hand finger trainer is so flat that it fits in any trouser pocket, so you can now always keep up with your training. 

Here is the information about the variants: 

  • Medium pro (blue/gray): Medium-strength springs for beginners in finger training or strength endurance training for professionals.
  • Strong pro (black/blue): Strong springs for well to very well trained athletes.

But be careful: If you have mastered the Strong pro, you should hold back a little when shaking hands in the future ;-)

The Ti-Hand finger trainer is produced in cooperation with the company TI-ROCK Sports made in Austria. 

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