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Service TATZE TWO-FACE 2018

Bikes and parts need to be serviced occasionally, especially if they are exposed like mountain bike pedals. The parts...

The perfect shoes for MTB combination pedals

What kind of powerful combination pedal does a shoe have to be able to do - here is all information about the models and features!

The 4-stage development and testing process for TATZE pedals!

Every innovation aims to improve the functionality of a product. At TATZE, uphill and downhill performance is to be c...

Components of the ADD-FLAT system

The ADD-FLAT adapter is compatible with the Shimano XT pedals with the designation PD-M8000 and PD-M780 and the XTR p...

Assembly instructions ADD-FLAT adapter

The assembly of the ADD-FLAT adapter can be done completely independently with these instructions in 5 minutes.  to...

Dismantling instructions for the click mechanism

In the event that the ADD-FLAT adapter is dismantled, the following instructions show how the click mechanism can be ...
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