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Our goal is to develop innovative components that create a perfect connection between rider and mountain bike.

TATZE MTB Pedals and Grips

Snappy flat pedals for trails - the TATZE pedals are the first choice Enduro pedals or at the downhill pedal. The flat paws are currently also in demand as ideal eBike pedals or gravel pedals. The range is complemented by practical ones hybrid pedals for MTB - these are hybrid pedals for every terrain on an MTB or gravel bike from trail to alpine cross - for more efficiency and safety - of course all click pedals are SPD compatible. MTBs are also included in the TATZE pedal range pedals for children and juiors - light, cool & with the best grip.

All TATZE pedals are certified.


The latest development from TATZE are mountain bike handlebar grips in a class - ergonomic and vibration-dampening.


For a perfect connection to the bike, we develop new solutions and optimize our pedals and MTB grips down to the smallest detail.


We build our MTB pedals as light as possible, use high-quality bearings and do not compromise on stability.


We uncompromisingly optimize each product for its intended use.

Tatze MTB pedals in reviews and tests


Pedals for e-bikers

Choice of shoes Important: Good pressure distribution (many PINS) Big platform Stability (test and storage)

Somayeh Farahani

Wer glaubt, dass es im IRAN keine Bikeszene gibt irrt und wir sind stolz die mehrfache iranische DH-Meisterin, Somaye...

Bikebergsteigen - hoch, höher am höchsten hinaus!

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In der Weite der Mongolei

Egal ob man mit dem Rad im Gelände oder auf der Straße beheimatet ist, viele von uns Bikern haben es schon getan - ei...

Design & Innovation Award for TATZE SPORT GRIP

TATZE SPORT GRIP - a small revolution in comfort and performance! We are pleased to announce the success of the SPORT...

The right pedals and shoes for your gravel bike: A guide

Gravel riding is trendy and we're totally fine with it, because the gravel bike enables a wide variety of experiences...


We have already received several awards for our products, which spurs us on to develop functional and high-quality mountain bike components even more.

Design & Innovation Award for TWO-FACE combination pedal
Eurobike Award for Integral System (study)
Design & Innovation Award for MC-FLY clipless pedal

TATZE mountain bike pedals review and test

Whenever the opportunity arises, we take part in MTB pedal product reviews and tests to get feedback on our products. We are constantly improving our pedals based on the experiences of our customers, test riders and bike journalists. 

TATZE "TWO-FACE" - combi pedals in review:

TATZE "MC-FLY" - clipless MTB pedals in review:

TATZE "LINK" - flatpedals in review:

TATZE "LINK" - high end composite flatpedal in review:

Test winner BIKE Magazin 10/2022 (scroll the page all the way down):

Enduro Magazine ("best grip with plastic pedals"):

TATZE "MC-AIR" - platform pedal in review:

TATZE "SPORT GRIP" for MTB in review:

TATZE "ADD-FLAT" - adapter for XT and XTR Shimano MTB pedals in review:

TATZE mountain bike handlebar grips reviews

We also regularly take part in product tests with our handlebar grips. Thanks to the valuable feedback from our customers, the test riders and the bike editors, we can continuously improve our products!



  • We ship C02 neutral.
  • Our products are built to last.
  • Most of our products can be recycled.
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