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EUROBIKE AWARD WINNER 2019 - Pad Integral System

TATZE bike-components has set itself the goal of building innovative, extremely functional, high-quality and elegant mountain bike pedals. The experts were already won over by the TWO-FACE (a superlative combination pedal), which won the Design and Innovation Award 2018.  

With the project submitted for the Eurobike AWARD 2019, we go one step further and question the classic structure of a drive unit, because the system that has been used for 150 years has proven itself, but leaves little room for making pedals even lighter and thinner. 

With the TATZE Integral-Standard the components of a pedal - axle, bearing including seal and pedal body - are rearranged, whereby the crank is included in this system. The storage is integrated into the installation space of the crank, so that one-piece and extremely thin and light pedals can be realized. 

We call this one-piece pedal BLADE because it is thin as a blade. With a thickness of only 3mm at the edge of the pedal, it undercuts everything that has existed so far and sets new standards. It is particularly important that there are no bumps in the pedal (e.g. in the middle above the axle) so that the PINs can bite into the shoe sole with even pressure. 

In addition to these two world innovations - integral standard with pedal bearing in the crank and one-piece pedal - there is another innovation. Due to the very thin design, we have developed pins that protrude from both ends of the pedal. Thus, weight can be saved (only one thread for 2 pin sides) and the pedal can be made thinner and lighter again, since fewer holes have to be drilled in the pedal body. In addition, the PINs have a hexagon so that they can be easily removed in the event of damage. The conically tapering pins have a hollow milling at the tip to generate maximum grip. 

Under this LINK you can be informed about all news (availability, product details and prices) of the integral system. 


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