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TATZE MC-FLY clipless pedal wins Design & Innovation Award 2021

It was our goal to develop a very light and compact clipless pedal for trail bikers. At the top of the TODO list was a very quick and defined click in and out, as well as a particularly solid connection to the shoe. With a weight of 304g and a thickness of 13-17mm, the first two points were quickly dealt with. To enable easy clicking in, the pedal body has been rounded down at the front and the corners are beveled to allow the shoe to slide better over the pedal body when turning. The click mechanism itself is extremely solid and equipped with strong springs. 

what that MC-FLY but what makes it a special pedal is the extremely tight connection to the shoe. We made sure that the cleat mounted on the shoe has no contact with the pedal body. This means that there is only contact between the shoe sole and the pedal body. The large areas to the left and right of the click mechanism are also provided with 4 threads so that PINs can be used if necessary. This allows the contact pressure to the shoe to be individually adjusted.

We are very pleased that the evaluation of the expert jury, after extensive tests on the bike, confirms our development goals and considers the MC-FLY pedal worthy of the Design & Innovation Award:TATZE MC-FLY PedalDesign & Innovation Award 2021 - TATZE MC-FLY

 TATZE MC-FLY Pedal mit Schuh

Here's the pedal! 

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