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TEST WIN for LINK Composite Pedal

For us, the development of a pedal begins with the idea of developing an optimal pedal for specific bikers. The LINK Composite should be a high-quality plastic pedal with a lot of grip. In addition, it has to be thin, look cool and withstand a lot. The pedal has proven the latter with the Advanced XXL test at Zedler Germany. After several prototypes and many test rides by our team riders as well as internal stress tests, the product is then launched on the market. 

Whether a pedal is just good, excellent or outstanding can only be determined in comparison with the best pedals in the category and so we are very pleased to have won the test against the who's who of the international competition.   

"The Austrians are doing everything right with their first plastic pedal:
The flat design increases the ground clearance. The Link Composite has high-quality bearings, is double-sealed and also looks good. The enormous grip is noticeable even on the first meters. The pins seem to literally drill into the shoe profile, and the outer pins are slightly raised for optimal contact. When you put your foot down, you can feel the metal pins pulling out of the sole. This ensures maximum grip on the descent, but also makes it difficult to reposition your foot on the pedal. Riders with big feet will want a slightly larger footprint."
Source: (BIKE Magazine issue 10/22)

 HERE is the pedal



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