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Explore the world by bike and experience absolute freedom!

Many of us know the feeling of absolute freedom from various alpine crossings and multi-day test tours on the bike. However, there is a catch, because with the goal of the tour you get closer to everyday life and the feeling of freedom decreases. 

With Franzi and Jona von talesontyres it's different, because as team riders of Bombtrack Bicycle Co. you have been traveling the continents for about 6 years. 

tales on tyres bikepacking mit Tatze Two-Face Pedal

After having lived with and on bikes for a year and a half, they moved into a bus in autumn 2018 to explore Europe "bike-packed".

They are looking for new bikepacking routes, want to collect information, drive already known routes and do all of this with the bikepacking community (e.g. and hopefully be an inspiration to others. For the winter of 2018/2019 they are also planning to experience the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.

For the new challenges, the material was upgraded and the question of whether we can do it with PAW TWO-FACE We didn't have to think twice about equipping pedals. For Franzi and Jona, it's about being able to easily switch between click and flat pedals, as more and more technical trails are being used and a flat pedal with a lot of grip is ideal for this. For the less technical gravel passages, the efficiency of a clipless pedal is perfect.

tales on tyres bikepacking

In addition to our involvement in the Austrian downhill scene, the collaboration with Franzi and Jona gives us the opportunity to test pedals in extreme situations, because the two of them drive a lot of kilometers in different and also adverse conditions. Your feedback will give us the opportunity to further improve our pedals. 

TATZE TWO-FACE Pedal tales on tyres bikepacking

Of course, we should be inspired by the stories from Spain, France and Morocco. In general, Franzi and Jona report on their adventures on Instagram (@talesontyres) and in theirs Blog. They also regularly write for, and other.


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