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Crankworks World Tour 2017 in Innsbruck

For the first time the Crankworx World Tour was a guest in Innsbruck. The performance of the athletes took our breath away, because the angle, air position and lack of contact with the bike made it clear that the landing would not turn out well. The fact that the guys confessed the majority of the jumps that could be classified as "impossible" turned the horror into pure euphoria!

As an exhibitor, it quickly became clear that the visitors were technically very well equipped and equipped with a good portion of "bike madness" - which, by the way, we really liked. Although the 8 intense colors of the PAWS were very well received, the focus was on technical questions such as the form of the platform, the number and arrangement of the PINs, the quality of the milling work and the folding or click pedal (or both together). 

In any case, we had a lot of fun discussing the ideal mountain bike with many like-minded people at eye level. We also received some important suggestions for the exhibited prototypes TWO-FACE and MC-AIR and will incorporate them into the final development phase. The consistently positive and sometimes enthusiastic feedback on the Paws gives us a lot of motivation to continue working on the perfect mountain bike pedal! 

More information about the TAZTE pedals is available at

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