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Speed and Greet on the e-bike with Ski World Cup winner Stephan Görgl

Goergl Intense and TATZE bike – components promote the “new” e – bike.

The e-bike had a hard time with die-hard bikers - bulky optics, poor geometry and catastrophic components put every bike enthusiast on the run.
The two-time Ski World Cup winner Stephan Görgl wanted to show us that these times are over.
With, Stephan offers ski and summer e-bike adventures and is continuously optimizing his offer. “A bike freak friend of mine got me on my feet and I absolutely had to test this pedal from Tyrol,” says Stephan Görgl.

But we also wanted to test and the opportunity was good to push an e-bike, more precisely a Lapierre Overvolt AM, to its limits together with Stephan.
The 140mm bike from France was of course meticulously tuned, because we wanted to give the bike a fair chance!
OK, the 600 m ascent on the Aschenbrenner in Kufstein was easy and I was able to talk to Stephan in a relaxed way. That was to be expected. But what happened on the following trail with root passages and switchbacks was not predictable. The Lapierre lay like a board, the 2.8 tires with 0.9 bar stuck to the ground and made a clean line choice obsolete - just hold on and go. Sounds martial, and it was!
After the section I am intoxicated and realize that my bike universe has shifted in the last few minutes. "Wow, e-bikes are in no way inferior to potent and non-motorized enduros" was my greeting when Stephan came out of the forest grinning.
Our test drive would have ended now, but I didn't want to give up the Lapierre yet. The day was already drawing to a close, but the battery was almost full and so we quickly drove or shot the 800 hm on the Pendling with maximum support. For me an additional trail as a gift that would not have been possible without "e" at the evening hour.
During this ascent I had the first thought that there was a third attractive option between the lift or bike park and manpower. I'm also starting to think about possible components, because weight plays a subordinate role with e-bikes. An uphill bike with uncompromising downhill components, what a thought!

Speaking of components: As a pure e-biker, Stephan had a good feel, because the TATZE fits perfectly on the motorized "mountain goats". Being connected to the power of the engine on the uphill is an exhilarating feeling and means even more efficiency. Downhill, the concave and large TATZE platform with its twelve pivot pins shows its full potential and leaves no doubt that the shoe will stay on the pedal even in the roughest terrain and at high speed.
TATZE ADD-FLAT, perfekt für e-Bikes
After this experience, one thing is certain, the new e-bikes can be pure fun in uphill and downhill. Goergl-Intense and TATZE bike-components will promote the e-bike in Tyrol and beyond under the motto “Passion connects” and maybe there will be an Intense e-bike TATZE!

Text: Armin Hofreiter, TATZE bike-components
Image: Stephan Görgl / Tom Bause

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