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Design & Innovation Award for TATZE SPORT GRIP

TATZE SPORT GRIP - a small revolution in comfort and performance!

We are pleased to announce the success of the SPORT GRIP, which has won the bicycle industry's prestigious Design and Innovation Award. This MTB grip is not just a simple accessory, but a significant increase in the comfort and performance of your mountain bike.

The Tatze Sport Grip impresses with its ergonomic design, which is specifically aimed at not only increasing comfort, but also protecting grip strength. This comfortable grip was designed to meet the needs of mountain bikers who are looking for a bike grip that can handle long day rides as well as tough downhill rides.

The outstanding feature of the 106g MTB handle is its ability to effectively dampen strong vibrations. This is particularly important to minimize fatigue and strain during demanding mountain bike adventures. The Sport Grip has been extensively tested and the results presented by the awards jury demonstrate the effectiveness of this innovative design.

"The TATZE SPORT GRIP mountain bike grips put an end to compromises when choosing grips. They offer extremely high comfort with a lot of grip - and come without bulky orthopedics look. The small wings on the outside provide noticeable relief for the palms, especially during long days on the bike. On the trail, the sensible division of the SPORT GRIP is particularly noticeable, as the rectangles on the underside provide a very good grip for the fingers, while the wave structure on the top provides additional comfort. The rubber mixture of the handles offers good grip without feeling sticky on the hands. This is a real plus, especially for anyone who likes to ride without gloves. Thanks to the simple They are also quick and easy to install thanks to the clamp on the inside. The PAWS are available in black, blue, red and orange - and if you like, in different colors for the right and left handles."
Source: < a href="" title="TATZE Sport Grip - Winner of Design & Innovation Award 2024" style="color : #000000;">Design & Innovations Award 2024

This performance is achieved by dividing the handle into 3 zones, with each zone having a specific task to fulfill:

Das 3-Zonen Konzept der TATZE MTB-Griffe

This design and innovation award is not only recognition for TATZE, but also confirmation that innovation and functionality can go hand in hand. The Tatze Sport Grip is not just an accessory, but an upgrade for every mountain bike.


It has never been easier and rarely cheaper to upgrade your mountain bike:
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