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Tom Öhler is now on the move on TATZE pedals

Ever since some hippies turned cruiser bikes into mountain bikes in the early 1970s, there have been many stories about talented riders standing out from the crowd. One of these extraordinary riders is Tom Öhler, who has continually set new levels with new ideas and incredible bike control. 

Tom has won several national and international titles, for example in 2008 when he became bike trial world champion. He also entered the Guinness Book of Records with “Highest Wallclimb on a Bicycle” (2.89 m) and “Fastest 400 m hurdles on a bicycle” (44.62 s). Many more adventures followed, such as the tour of Nepal in 2016, the Red Bull Fantasy Line or the trip to Cappadocia.

It's clear that someone like Tom doesn't make any compromises when it comes to material in order to achieve maximum bike control and so we're particularly pleased about the cooperation mtb pedals between Tom Öhler and TATZE bike-components. The new ones come on the Austrian's different bikes CONTACT CNC Pedals and that LINK Pedal with titanium axle used. 

We are very pleased to be able to accompany Tom on his future adventures. Our mountain bike pedals are intended to create a perfect connection between him and his bike in his new projects and his feedback will be incorporated into further developments. 

 Photos: @martinbissig 



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