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Kevin Maderegger: Triumph at the Austrian Enduro State Championship 2023

Kevin Maderegger has achieved his long-overdue victory at the 2023 Austrian Mountain Bike Enduro National Championship. After several years of hard work and outstanding top three finishes, he was crowned state champion this year.

Right from the start of the competition, Kevin showed that he was in top form. His constantly high pace in the first five stages secured him a comfortable lead. But in the last of a total of six stages the rear tire was suddenly flat and victory seemed to be in jeopardy.

Kevin Maderegger Enduro Staatsmeister auf TATZE Produkten

However, at this critical moment, Kevin showed his skills. He rode half of the last stage on the rim and kept his nerve. Incredibly, despite the handicap, he still achieved the second fastest time on this stage.

When it came to the contact points, Kevin Maderegger relied entirely on TATZE and his bike with the SPORT GRIP and the MC FLY Pedal directed to victory. 

Kevin Maderegger has proven that he not only has the skills, but also the patience and calmness of a champion - Congrats!!!

pics by @bliemphoto

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