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TATZE MC-AIR flat pedal - the prototype production

It is always an exciting moment when a prototype is created from an idea and a 3D drawing, i.e. a tangible product that is about to be screwed to the bike and reveal its potential. 

The MC-AIR flat pedal is the second prototype series and I can anticipate that the first tests went very well both on the test bench and on the trail. 

Left: Measuring the prototype, center and right: the prototype during CNC machining

In order to get from the idea to the finished product quickly, we work in design and production with the utmost concentration and examine every conceivable detail. This passion for detail is also a distinctive design aspect, with all details being due either to function, weight reduction or stability. 

The cooperation between design and production is also important, because the PAWS must be able to be "milled" efficiently and cleanly. That is why not only the product is created for the first time in the prototype production, but also the production is prepared. 

TATZE MC-AIR Prototypen-Fertigung

First appraisal of the MC-AIR prototype by designers and millers

The TATZE MC-AIR flat pedal will be available in summer 2018 and shares the platform and design language with the TWO-FACE trail pedal.

TATZE MC-AIR Flatpedal


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